Annual Membership

Adults (ages 12+)


Children (ages 6-12)



Practice Fee

$5.00 per practice


$30.00 per month


Family rate - first member pays regular rate, each addl. family member receives 20% discount (does not apply to practice fee)


Testing Fee

Adults (dan ranks)

(varies by rank)


Adults (kyu ranks)


Children (kyu-child)


Uniforms & Equipment

Schedule & Fees

Uniforms & Equipment

Beginning students are welcome to wear their own loose-fitting sweat clothes (e.g., a t-shirt and long pants) for practice. Prairie Aikikai has plenty of "loaner" pieces of equipment for those times when equipment is needed.


However, once a student has decided to study Aikido for a while, usually just before his/her first promotion, it is best to acquire a uniform. Aikidoka wear a variety of different "gi", or practice uniform. These range from lightweight poly-cotton blends, to heavy canvas, to even heavier judo-style uniforms.


Students may decide for themselves where they will purchase their uniforms. Prairie Aikikai works with several suppliers, often allowing us to acquire uniforms at prices much lower than those offered to individual students. The same is true for "hakama" (the pleated pants many Aikidoka wear) and for the weapons with which we practice. Students may ask an instructor for a catalog and prices of Aikido materials at any time.