Annual Membership Fee

Adults (ages 12+)


Children (ages 6-12)



Practice Fee

$5.00 per practice


$30.00 per month


Family rate - first member pays regular rate, each addl. family member receives 20% discount (does not apply to practice fee)


Testing Fee

Adults (dan ranks)

(varies by rank)


Adults (kyu ranks)


Children (kyu-child)


Uniforms & Equipment

Schedule & Fees

Practice ("Mat") Fees

Utilities (electricity, heating and cooling, water), supplies, and ongoing maintenance of the mat and practice area are just a few of the expenses that any dojo must face. While our practice fees help pay these expenses, we've tried to keep costs as low as possible to ensure that as many students can practice as often as they want.


$5/practice   This is a "pay as you go" option. This method is best for students who have uncertain training schedules or who may not be able to practice often. Per-practice fees must be paid in cash or check on the day of practice.

This option allows the student to attend all practices during the calendar month. The fee may be paid monthly or several months in advance by cash, check, credit/debit card or via PayPal.


A $5 discount is given for three months advance payment and, a $20 discount is given for six months advance payment. This option is best for those who want to practice more frequently, and those who don't want to worry about bringing money and paying at each class.


Multiple members of the same immediate family (e.g. father, mother, son, daughter) often enjoy practicing together. We offer a discount to encourage family participation. The first student from a family pays the regular rate while each additional member enjoys a 20% discount.


(Note: The family discount only applies to monthly and advanced payment options.)