Student Guide


Thank you for your interest in Aikido, a martial art of self protection. This booklet has been designed to provide you with most of the basic "factual" information you might be interested in as a new student in Aikido. It begins with a general description of Aikido as a martial art, how it is practiced in the Dojo (or practice hall), and what you might come to anticipate as a student.


The second section addresses most of the common questions concerning behavior in the Dojo. Since it can be a new (and sometimes intimidating) experience, these few pages will give you some insight into what is happening. Before long you will find it all as familiar, and comfortable, as a well worn suit of clothes!


Everyone wants to succeed, and students of Aikido are no different than others in this regard. While you will be the key to this success there are certain "milestones" to help you chart your progress along the way. These are measured through a certain duration of practice and the demonstration of your proficiency in particular Aikido techniques. To avoid potential confusion, and to help you follow your own progress, the "guideposts" of these milestones have been presented in the fourth section of this text.


You will no doubt come across many words (and phrases) with which you may not be familiar. Don't worry! This is part of your training as well. You can find these new words and phrases in the fifth section.


If you are the more studious type and would like to find more information about Aikido, the last section of this booklet provides a sampling of interesting references for your review. Several of these can be found in the Northern Illinois University library or through interlibrary loan, and all can be ordered through most bookstores.


Again, welcome to Aikido!