Student Guide

Aikido at Prairie Aikikai

Aikido classes typically meet several times each week. The exact schedule of practice days and times changes from time to time. Classes are occasionally delayed, and even canceled outright, for a variety of reasons. Whenever this is necessary students will be notified as soon as possible in advance. All students are always encouraged to attend as many classes as their schedules will allow.


Registrations by the quarter are encouraged. A monthly registration is also available. Prospective students may participate in up to two classes at no charge, and visitors/observers are always welcome. Registrations are accepted anytime, or before the start of any class. New students receive a copy of this book with their paid enrollment. Replacements or new versions (as it is revised) may also be purchased.


New students will be asked to complete both an "Student Registration Form" and an "Release, Consent and Assumption of Risk Statement" before being allowed to practice in any class. The Student Registration Form provides basic information about yourself (name, address, telephone number, and previous Aikido practice). It is entered into, and maintained in, a computerized data base kept on all Aikido students. This data base is used by the instructor for tracking each student's attendance and promotion history.


The Release, Consent and Assumption of Risk Statement is to reinforce with each student that Aikido is a physical contact activity. While every effort is made to reduce the potential for injury there is still the possibility that injury can and will occur. Students participating in Aikido practice at their own risk, with the full understanding that they cannot hold the Prairie Aikikai, their instructors, Jeffrey or Leslie Hecht, or fellow students liable for any accident or injury that might occur as a result of their participation. Students under the age of eighteen must have their parent (or legal guardian) sign this Waiver and Release of Liability Form.