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Over the years Prairie Aikikai has been the site of instruction for scores of students and has played host for a number of different educational events.

Explore some of our history through the photo galleries listed to the left and get a taste of some of our training in the video gallery below.


Jo Kata

Jo Kata: 5 Count

Jo Kata: 8 Count

Jo Kata: 10 Count "Prairie Aikikai"

Jo Kata: 11 Count

Jo Kata: 13 Count

Jo Kata: 18 Count "Prairie Aikikai"

Jo Kata: 18 Count "1-and-2-and"

Jo Kata: 21 Count

Jo Kata: 31 Count "Riverside"

Jo Kata: 31 Count "Saito Sensei"

Bokken Kata

Bokken Kata: 8 Count

Bokken Kata: 13 Count

Kumi Jo

Kumi Jo: 8 Count

Kumi Jo: 8 Count Reversible "Prairie Aikikai"

Kumi Jo: 10 Count "Prairie Aikikai"

Kumi Jo: 11 Count

Kumi Jo: 18 Count "Prairie Aikikai"

Kumi Jo: 31 Count "Saito Sensei"