Annual Membership

Adults (ages 15+)


Adults (black belts)



Juniors (ages 11-14)

Children (ages 6-10)



Practice "Mat" Fee

$4.00 per practice


$25.00 per month


Family rate - first member pays regular rate, each addl. family member receives 20% discount (does not apply to practice fee)


Promotion (Testing) Fees

Adults (ages 15+)


Juniors (ages 11-14)

Children (ages 6-10)


Uniforms & Equipment

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Promotion ("Testing") Fees

Aikido, like most modern martial arts, allows students to gauge and record their progress and development in the art through periodic evaluation. Testing for rank promotion gives students a way to prepare and deliver a formal demonstration of where they are in their skills and knowledge, and provides a formal setting for instructors to evaluate students and give feedback. At the Prairie Aikikai students are carefully prepared for each testing experience; in fact, students are not allowed to engage in a test unless they have already satisfacorily demonstated their knowledge and skills in the elements required for that promotion. In this way tests become more of a demonstration and celebration, not an opportunity for failure!


  Testing fees
Adults (ages 15+) $50
Adults (black belts) See instructor
Juniors (ages 11-14) $10
Children (ages 6-10) $10


Testing for these "kyu" ranks is done locally at the Prairie Aikikai dojo, typically in conjunction with special practices or seminars. Adult students, being members of ASU, have their ranks registered through the ASU and receive an official promotion certificate from the organization. All promoted students earn a new colored belt (appropriate to their new rank) and a Prairie Aikikai certificate of accomplishment.


The cost of black belt rank promotions will vary depending on the current exchange rate of the U.S. dollar against the yen (this is necessary since dan ranks are recorded in Japan, incurring an additional charge). Students contemplating a black belt level promotion are encouraged to talk with the instructor well in advance for the current rate. Testing for "dan" ranks are typically done in conjuction with an ASU special seminar, camp or retreat, which will involve an additional cost (and possibly travel). Per ASU policy, junior and children students are not eligible to test for dan ranks.