Annual Membership Fee

Adults (ages 12+)


Children (ages 6-12)



Practice Fee

$5.00 per practice


$30.00 per month


Family rate - first member pays regular rate, each addl. family member receives 20% discount (does not apply to practice fee)


Testing Fee

Adults (dan ranks)

(varies by rank)


Adults (kyu ranks)


Children (kyu-child)


Uniforms & Equipment

Schedule & Fees

Annual Membership


Adults (ages 12+) $115
Children (ages 6-12) $85


Students' membership fees pay for the dojo's accident/medical and liability insurance, individual annual registration with both the Prairie Aikikai and the Aikido Shimbokukai, and record keeping and basic maintenance of the dojo.


The annual membership fee is first due when the student begins formally practicing, and must be renewed each January. Students who have not paid their annual membership by the end of January will be asked to do so before being allowed to practice again.