Student Guide

Ending Class

At the end of class, line up facing the Shomen as you did at the beginning of class. Many Dojo's use this time right before the class ends for announcements, the telling of Ki stories, and news reports. After these (if any) straighten your clothing and clear your mind, savoring the last few moments of the practice session before your return to the outside world.


Keep your eyes on Sensei because he will turn and then bow to the Shomen. Extend Ki. Be one with him, and bow at the same time that he does. Sensei will then turn and bow to the class. As you bow, say Arigato Gozaimashita (thank you very much). Sensei will then ask you to thank the people that you have practiced with that day. Seek out the people you practiced with and thank them by bowing and saying "thank you" or "Arigato Gozaimashita". (NOTE: In some Dojo's it is customary to wait for Sensei to rise and walk from the mat before thanking your practice partners.)