Student Guide

Being Uke for Sensei

Each student will eventually be asked to be Uke (practice attacker) for Sensei. When Sensei indicates you are to be his Uke, bow at once and move quickly to the position he indicates. Listen carefully to his explanations. Try to anticipate his requirements and be ready to act accordingly. Whether fast or slow, always attack and honestly and truly. If Sensei wants you to be Nage (you are to do the Aikido art), do your very best!


When Sensei returns to his explanation, move off to one side of the mat and sit quietly in Seiza. Be ready. Keep your mind centered on what Sensei is doing and saying. Try to anticipate Sensei's needs. When he indicates he is ready to demonstrate with you again, bow and move quickly to the place he indicates.


There shouldn't be any time when you must walk around the mat when Sensei is teaching. However, if you absolutely must, walk quietly behind the other students. Try to stay away from the Shomen area and do not go behind Sensei. Use the time before class, during partner practices, and after class to visit the water fountain and bathroom and to adjust your clothing.