Student Guide

Aiki Taisos

Aiki Taisos are exercises traditionally done at the beginning of every class. These are a great way of loosening up and reviewing the basic arts at the same time!


  1. Kote Gaeshi Undo
  2. Nikyo Undo
  3. Sankyo Undo
  4. Tekubi Shindo Undo
  5. Tekubi Kosa Undo
  6. Tekubi Joho Kosa Undo
  7. Sayu Undo
  8. Sayu Choyaku Undo
  9. Ude Furi Undo
  10. Ude Furi Choyaku Undo
  11. Shomen Uchi Undo
  12. Zengo Undo
  13. Happo Undo
  14. Fune Kogi Undo
  15. Kokyu Ho Undo
  16. Ushiro Tekubi Tori Zenshin Undo
  17. Ushiro Tekubi Tori Kotai Undo
  18. Ushiro Tori Undo
  19. Koho Tento Undo
  20. Zempo Kaiten Undo